If curating content is easy, you’re doing it wrong: 5 tips for effective content curation – Joshua Merritt

The key result of content curation is to help establish your business or blog as a thought leader to your clients or community.  If you can do that well, you will also gain some impressive SEO benefits over the long term.  As this post by Joshua Merritt points out, content curation is not easy.  It may be a little easier than creating all new content, but you need to spend almost as much time sifting through articles and writing insightful and meaningful opinions as original content.  I think this post by Joshua is the best summation I’ve found of how to do really good content curation.

The most important component of MyCurator is that it is constantly searching far and wide for new content, outside of the social media and filter bubbles that can constrain your manual search.  By training the software to recognize content that is unacceptable, you can dramatically cut down on the amount of off-target and ‘junky’ articles you have to sift through.

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