Top Social Bookmarking Sites For Your Content Promotion Strategy

Reach a Larger Audience with your Content Curation Using Bookmarking Sites

Generating content for your site is just the first step in building traffic with Content Curation.  You know you need to also broadcast to social media that you have new content, whether it is curated or not.  This article also makes a great case to add some bookmarking sites to your outreach program.

While your social media network can broaden your reach, they start with people who already know you.  Bookmarking sites provide an element of reaching a new audience.  Used well they can bring in some new subscribers or followers with each article.

Its interesting that the author also guides you to post your curated content directly on the bookmarking sites, rather than posting a link back to your site.  This establishes credibility and keeps you from looking like you are shouting ‘look at me’ all of the time.  I found the article to give some great tips to break into this area of promotion.

If you expect your content to go viral or at least get the traffic you want without doing anything apart from pressing the ‘Publish’ button, you’re wrong. There are many ways to help people find your content – social media is the preferred method, but bookmarking is still useful, if used correctly.

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