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Run AI Process Timeouts

If you run the MyCurator article collection process manually (Run AI Process button on “the Topics page) you may have seen an error message such as “internal server 500 error” or it just hangs up on the Topics page screen.  Similarly if you look in the Logs – Process filter you may see the that the background process just stops without reading all of the Topics or Sources.  What is happening? Continue reading Run AI Process Timeouts

Why don’t I see Articles from my Feeds?

When you go to curate content from your training posts, it seems that you aren’t seeing the articles that you think you should.  Maybe you’ve seen some posts on a blog whose RSS is in your sources, yet they don’t show up in the Training page.  Or you’ve go some Google Alerts but they don’t seem to bring anything back, yet a search of the keywords shows some results. Continue reading Why don’t I see Articles from my Feeds?