Too Many ‘Thought Leaders’ Spoil Content Curation

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According to eMarketer, 85% of marketing professionals believe that establishing thought leadership is the key to content curation. While that may explain the explosion of new content on the Web, in our inboxes, and on social networks, the quality of self proclaimed thought leadership is suspect. Effective curators have a sharply defined strategy, clear differentiation, and someone creative dedicated to feeding the content beast.

Now for a sanity check. Thought leaders:

  • Read voraciously and see connections others do not
  • Recognize and talk about convergence and disruptive forces
  • Add something new to the conversation on a regular basis

If you haven’t considered what your company and industry will look like three, five or 10 years from now, then please take a moment to evaluate how you define thought leadership. You just may need to dig a little deeper for a vision that differentiates your message in channels already choked with insipid, me too content.

Readers appreciate a fresh perspective. They’re the ones who determine if you’re really a thought leader. And please. We beg you. Don’t spam us repeatedly when we download your latest pearls of wisdom. You don’t need to try so hard if you’re good. There’s a distinct line between keeping your audience informed and being a nuisance. Too many companies cross that line on a regular basis.

And now to go clean out my inbox…

Marcia Moran

Marcia Moran

Marcia Moran is an executive that helps organizations achieve stellar results. As a Performance Architect for Encore Performance Consulting, Marcia focuses on cultural design and systems to synchronize organizational behavior, output and goals. Her work empowers people to push beyond their known capabilities as individuals, as teams, and as companies.

Previously, Marcia was the Vice President of Marketing for Kadoo, a startup located in Reston, VA, that enables consumers to easily and selectively share their personal videos in the cloud. Prior to moving to the Metro DC area, she worked as a business consultant for Up 'N Running and advised startups and small businesses in the areas of management, operations, and marketing. Marcia earned an MBA from Chapman University. She loves to travel, speaks Norwegian, and unwinds by kayaking and painting landscapes.

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