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Create More Content Quickly with MyCurator
  • You choose article sources from blogs, news sites and alerts.
  • MyCurator will deliver them to your WordPress dashboard where you can easily review them.
  • With one click curate the article into your WordPress Editor with an excerpt, image and attribution ready to go.
  • Just add a paragraph to tell your readers about the article and you’ve created content for your site! Read more about Content Curation

Exceptional Support 8 Years Running!
  • We respond to all support questions in 24 hours
  • Reach us at our support forum at WordPress.Org
  • Email us at
  • We keep MyCurator focused on Curation, so it is exceptionally stable after 8 years
  • Check out our Training Videos and Documentation.
  • Short how-to videos are embedded in every MyCurator admin page.
MyCurator Support Forum – We resolve all issues promptly!

Watch this Short Video to See How Easy it is to Curate Content with MyCurator

MyCurator Saves You Hours a Day
  • Our Cloud AI module classifies articles based on their relevance to you after some simple training.
  • The AI classification can weed out up to 90% of the spammy, off topic and irrelevant articles on the web.
  • You customize the RSS, Twitter and Google Alert Sources you want to use.Articles are brought to you throughout the day from your Sources.
  • Quickly choose articles for curation, pop-up the full content in a readable page format to help your review.

Easily Create Curated Posts
  • MyCurator pre-fills the post with an image, attribution link and an excerpt into the WordPress Editor, Gutenberg block compatible too.
  • Choose your own excerpts by just clicking on paragraphs from the original full article.
  • Click on images from the original article to add more or change the pre-filled picture.
  • Customize the curation with your own insights and comments.
  • Options to manage the pre-filled links, images and excerpts in a variety of formats.

Check Out the Advanced Features of MyCurator
  • MyCurator is professional content curation software and can handle 100’s of articles a day with multiple writers, categories and sites.
  • Special video curation features, bulk curation tools and selective auto-posting support a wide range of requirements.
  • You can use MyCurator on non-english language sites. Watch the quick video to review these and other features.

Explore the Power of Notebooks for Content Creation
  • MyCurator Notebooks are a powerful tool to enhance your curated posts and write original articles.
  • Like Evernote only integrated into WordPress, you can save the best articles you find on the web.
  • Watch the video to see how easy it is to create complex curated posts.

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