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Poor Content Curation can Hurt, not Help

  You might be excited to read the rest of this post. After all, 7 “can’t-lose” tips for content curation! If you’re doing or Pinterest, but not seeing a whole lot of results, you want to know what […]

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An entertaining post by Rob Hahn on how poor content curation can actually make your site or blog worse off.  It seems so many sites fall into this trap of just grabbing articles out of an RSS stream and posting them – usually using some sort of automated tool.  You can fall into this trap with MyCurator too.  Its auto posting feature is great for building some targeted new content on your site with minimal effort.  The problem is you can’t just “set it and forget it”.  It does take some ongoing work to make sure you are continuing to get your desired results.

With MyCurator, it is key that you scan your auto posted Category and training page at least weekly.  Use the training tags to adjust the articles it finds.  If an article isn’t appropriate for your site, use the thumbs_down to tell MyCurator, as well as removing it right then.  Browse your not sure and bad articles on the training page periodically to find those that should be on your site.

If you have one of these little curation online newspaper thingamajigs, and you recognize yourself in the kind of information-free content curation strategies I described above… do yourself a favor, really. Stop doing that “XYZ Real Estate” that’s actually about Beyonce. It’s hurting you. Really.

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