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7 Steps to Create Online Courses Quickly With Content Curation

Content curation was one of the hottest trends in online business during the year 2012, and it seems that it will continue to be a popularly used technique this year as well. Content curation generally refers to gathering useful […]

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I at first thought that an article on creating courses using curation was something that teachers and corporate trainers would like to see.  But when you think about it, it seems almost any blog or company could use this as a new and interesting type of content to produce.

Almost any idea or topic could use a ‘course’ to explain the basics, how to apply it or current best practices.  Setting up a topic in MyCurator and looking for relevant articles would start to bring you content.  You could piece them together as a blog post, new page or even an eBook, guiding readers through the course.


If you’re one of the people who are thinking of creating an online course for your business or program, consider creating a course by curating content instead of creating content from the start.

It certainly is an interesting approach, and one that seems really fun too. With all the information that’s currently out there, there’s hardly a need to be recreating the same stuff again from scratch.

And if you dislike or are bad at writing, you won’t have to do much of it either. Just read, and link, and add some comments and organization. That’s all it takes to create a great course these days.



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