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A Content Curation Success Story

CleanTechnica cleantechnica Published on August 3rd, 2013 | by Zachary Shahan 7
cleantechnica CleanTechnica  has just passed a pretty major milestone. We just published our 10,000th article!

If you haven’t kept up with changes in the media industry, I can tell you that the world of media is a very challenging world these days. Publishing has become completely democratized and “free.” You, your grandma, and your 6-year-old daughter can publish content for free on Facebook, tumblr,, Google+, and many, […]

Content curation is at the heart of a lot of new media on the web.  Clean Technica  is now one of the leading sites in the clean tech industry.  If you look at its posts, it has a lot of content curation, finding the best and most interesting clean tech articles from around the web. They’ve got some useful lessons in the quote below.

Clearly it is not just content curation that got them to their top spot.  I’m sure it had much more to do with them being good at running a publishing business: managing cash flow, hiring good people and learning to monetize their content.  But curation is a foundation of what they do, and it can be a foundation of your website too.

These days, almost any marketing site that is looking for traffic needs to have some of the look and feel of a publishing site.  A range of curated and original content is what builds your sites SEO and keeps your clients and prospects coming back.  While you won’t be focused solely on your content like a publisher, using some of the techniques and ideas are going to help.

Similarly, while you won’t be looking to have 10,000 pieces of content, posting regularly, as well as building your voice and point of view through commentary, will help.  Check out the key points they’ve found for success at Clean Technica below and also look over their site.

  • A good mix of regular, uplifting, and useful content about the amazing cleantech transformation we’re in the midst of.
  • Some great original and exclusive content. (Click that link!)
  • Attention to feedback. We listen to you readers and use your ridiculous breadth of knowledge and perspective to improve our content, and our site as a whole.
  • Useful curation of cleantech news and commentary. We go through hundreds of sites nearly every day  in order to find the most important and most interesting cleantech content. It’s time-consuming work, but I think it’s well worth it and has helped to make CleanTechnica what it is.
  • The commenting community that has sprouted up (and I’ve tried to nurture). Numerous professional cleantech experts and lay experts regularly chime in under articles in order to provide very useful addenda, questions, answers, and sometimes corrections! We are truly thankful for that.
  • Expert opinion. Naturally, publishing thousands of articles and reading many more, some of us have become widely recognized experts on specific cleantech topics. That’s worth something, right? (Don’t worry, we aren’t about to start charging you!)
  • Partnerships with other excellent sites. Clearly, as we moved to a more obsessive curation-focused model, we added partnerships with some top websites, industry professionals, and other top bloggers. We try to partner with the best of the best, and I think that has paid off for everyone.

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