Content Curation

An Introduction to Content Curation

This is a well written article that clearly sets out how content curation can help your site or blog.   No Marketing puff, just simple examples like the quote below.

Of course, with MyCurator, sifting through the web is so much easier.  It finds articles throughout the day that match your interests.  With some simple training you will get highly targeted articles, weeding out 90% or more of content that doesn’t match your needs.


Ever had a trusted friend share their thoughts on the latest movie you should go see, or the fabulous dessert at a new restaurant? The person didn’t just say, “Go check it out”. They probably added their opinion along with just enough details to get you interested so you’d buy a ticket and watch the movie yourself.

Content curation is like that. The more you share good quality stuff, the more reliable you become as a content resource