Content Curation

Are You A Fire Hose or A Focusing Lens?

Flickr Photo by Salendron Does your nonprofit do content curation as part of its content strategy?  Content curation is the organizing, filtering and “making sense of” information on the web and sharing the very best pieces of content that […]

I think the quote below by Seth Godin says it well – either be the biggest in your niche in content aggregation, or focus, be relevant and interesting in your curation.  I think the real gains of content curation come with the latter.  It takes creativity, hard work and regular practice, but focused curation is the way to make a difference for most blogs and sites.  At the same time, I think we will see more and more unique and creative ways of using curation as so many of the creative bloggers, media sites and writers out there explore the limits of what can be done.

…either be better at pump and dump than anyone else, get your numbers into the millions, outmass those that choose to use mass and always dance at the edge of spam (in which the number of those you offend or turn off forever keep increasing)…

or Relentlessly focus.  Prune your message and your list and build a reputation that’s worth owning and an audience that cares.