Content Curation

Become a Content Curation King

“Curation” is a buzzword (even if it isn’t technically a word…unless you count the 14th century French definition meaning “to cure”) that’s smokin’ up the interwebs these days. Launching into the blogosphere virtually from nowhere in 2009, it’s now […]

This article by Sean Carton really stands out from the many ‘rehashes’ about content curation.  As he points out, curation has been around since the web first started.

If you try to build your site using the early practices of just capturing links or gathering everything about broad topics, you are not going to get anywhere.  Thats been done, and mostly abandoned, except for a few big sites that ‘won’ that competition.

Now you really have to work at curation.  As Sean points out, you have to identify a specific niche, build your curation skills and then really focus on your community.  With MyCurator, you can build a great process that saves you time and is scalable over multiple topics and sites.  But you have to have a good foundation as a Curator before the software can help you build the results you expect.

Making curation work for your brand is a lot easier said than done. As countless would-be content curation kings (and queens) have found out, just gathering a lot of links together doesn’t guarantee anything except that you’ll spend a lot of time curating links. You need to commit resources to both curation and promotion if you’re going to be successful. And that’s just the first step. To truly succeed as a curator, you need to think like a curator (not just an aggregator)