Content Curation

Best-Practices in Content Curation

Content curation is all the rage, but it takes some thought and discipline. Before offering yourself as the company’s content curator — or dragooning someone else into this role — step back and consider the following list. These five […]

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If you are curating content for your business, what will help you stand out from others doing the same?  The author points out that taking a journalism approach, and finding writers who can create compelling headlines and short introductions could be worth their weight in gold.  For complex financial products, this is even more important as you also have to navigate compliance rules.  Automated solutions such as MyCurator technology can help the process, but don’t replace the human element of making sure your efforts make an impact on your clients.

As anybody in publishing will tell you, writers who can produce accurate, high-impact headlines are worth their weight in gold. Is it any wonder why marketing departments have been busy hiring people trained as journalists?

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