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What Content Do You Share With Your Readers?

This 3 items mentioned in this post are a great checklist to keep in mind as you curate content with MyCurator.

Good blogging is a mix of content creation and content curation—you want to keep your readers interested with your own opinions while offering material from all corners of the web so that they come to rely on you for all their information.

Plenty of bloggers will give you their personal advice about writing stellar content, but how many of them tell you what kind of content you should share from other sites around the web? Content curation is a major skillset in the blogosphere; if you have the eye for reposting articles, photos, and videos that your readers will enjoy, you’ll go a long way.

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Content Curation

Content Curation Tips: A Simple Post Format

If you are just starting out with content curation,  it doesn’t get any more straightforward than this post:

The simplest format is to take a piece of content – be it another post by someone else, an image or a video – introduce it (tell why you’re sharing it), then share it (with attribution and a link to the original piece), then share your thoughts/conclusions about it. Write an awesome, attention grabbing post title and publish!

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Content Curation

Key steps to successful content marketing « iMediaConnection Blog

This is an interesting look at how big brands are approaching content marketing.  Curation is a big part of this strategy, as the quotes on and Pepsi highlight.  Like Pepsi, MyCurator uses AI based algorithms that let you train the software to find relevant content.  Using MyCurator to find and curate the content that is insightful and interesting to your community or clients will provide tremendous benefits in building engagement and traffic.

For example, the personal finance tool, supplements their services with a personal finance blog. Covering everything from office organization to credit advice,  Mint’s editorial content was one of their primary drivers of user acquisition en route to a $250M+ acquisition.


Leading content marketers such as Pepsi are leveraging technology to source, curate and present content in new, immersive experiences. Merging its decades old commitment to entertainment with the newest social and curation technology, Pepsi created Pepsi Pulse, a realtime, multimedia platform showcasing trending news in pop culture now. Using algorithms to surface and add contextual relevance to raw content, Pepsi Pulse is a window into the top entertainment stories each day, reminding audiences that Pepsi and pop culture are synonymous.

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Content Curation

Send in the humans – content curation for beginners

If you are just getting started or thinking about content curation, this post is a good place to start.  It includes a list of other posts that have more information.

More and more, people are looking for curated content on their topics of interest. Where better to look for good quality content on a topic than subject matter experts or people with a passion for that topic?

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Content Curation

How Content Curation Enhances SEO

Many times you just think of

google search ranking as your traffic metric.  With content curation, it is all about building authority, connections and social feedback that can boost your traffic as this post points out.

Content curation is about discovering, gathering and distributing relevant and interesting content on a specific topic or subject matter. By using a curation platform and displaying curated content on your website, your brand’s Website can be kept  up-to-date and feature solid and topical content.

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MyCurator Version 1.1 adds support for Content Curation

Target Info is pleased to announce that MyCurator version 1.1 will be released the week of July 30th, 2012. This update has several features to support content curation, making it easier and more productive than ever. Some of the key features include:

  1. You can choose to add the link to the original web page in the post that MyCurator creates for an article (instead of the link to the readable page).  Attribution for content thus becomes automatic when posted to your live blog.
  2. The readable page that MyCurator creates will now be available in a meta box within the WordPress Post Editor.  You can easily review the article, find quotes and paste them into your curated post.
  3. All images found within the article will also be available in the readable page meta box.  You can change the featured image and copy images into your curated post.
  4. You will have the option of going directly into the WordPress Post Editor when you make a MyCurator post live from the Training page.  With access to the full article and images, you can curate your post, save it as a draft for later work, or publish it immediately, saving several steps in the process.

With integrated support for the curation process, using familiar WordPress tools, MyCurator not only helps you find interesting, targeted content, it is now the easiest and most efficient way to curate that information into posts on your blog!

Content Curation

Six reasons why your business needs to curate content

Some really great quotes in this article, as well as a good set of reasons for business to curate content. My favorite quotes:

Curating a great content stream out of the sea of information in which we are all drowning is pure value creation.


By identifying and sharing the most insightful information and distinguishing it from the noise that surrounds any topic, you demonstrate your authority and credibility — regardless of whether you create the content or not.

Read the whole article by Jay at The Globe and Mail

Content Curation

Innovations in Education – Understanding Content Curation

This is a great view of content curation in education. A well written, thoughtful piece about how curation well done can be a great learning tool at

‘ There are many buzzwords and phrases prevalent in education today. ”21 st Century Learning’, ‘Blended Learning’, ‘Personalized Learning’, ‘Flipped Classroom’ ‘ just to name a few. The one that has recently caught my attention and curiosity is ‘content curation.’ I manage a grant project in my district designed […]

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MyCurator Now Free for Individuals and Bloggers!

MyCurator is now Free for individuals, bloggers and non-profits!  MyCurator is also now available on the plugin repository at   You can have MyCurator read through over 30 articles per day, finding just those that you have trained it to like.  If you are a business or are using your site to promote a product or service, our Business Plan has been lowered to an affordable $20 per month!  With a business plan you can have MyCurator read through over 150 articles per day.

MyCurator is the first WordPress plugin that automates the crucial first step of content curation – finding interesting and insightful content that is meaningful to your community or clients.  By saving you hours every day in searching for new content, MyCurator lets you focus on the most important aspects of content curation, providing your ideas, opinions and insights to your readers!