Content Curation

Curated Email Campaigns That Entice Subscribers

This is a great use of MyCurator, finding focused content in your expertise for an email campaign to your customers or subscribers.

Content curation works best when you focus on a single topic, like a certain aspect of your industry. Then, hunt down the best online resources related to your topic.

MyCurator allows you to set up topics, then train it to find only the content you find relevant.  You can weed out 95% or more of the articles that normally appear in the alerts, news feeds and blogs that you would read.  These hours of savings per day can then be used to focus on adding your insights, comments and opinions rather than reading hundreds of articles.  This post by Rebekah Henson appeared originally at


Content Curation

4 Painless Ways To Find The Right Content To…

This article by Rachel on finding content is a great first step. Google alerts and Google reader are a must have for finding content. The problem is, they tend to bring back a huge amount of articles and information that isn’t related to the topics you are searching for. MyCurator starts here, by reading these sources of information for you, then filtering and refining them through its topics to bring back just a few articles each day. You control the topics and you train the relevance engine. This puts you in control of the content MyCurator finds, but saves you hours each day in weeding out the fluff.
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MyCurator is now available

The MyCurator WordPress plugin was officially released today and may be downloaded for a free 30 day trial. MyCurator reads through 100s of articles from blogs, alerts and news feeds every day, finding just the few articles you’ve trained it to like. You can then automatically have the good articles posted to a specific category on your blog. You can also manually curate the best insights from the articles into your own blog posts.

MyCurator started as a hosted offering for businesses who provided targeted articles and insights to their customers to drive engagement and customer retention. As a WordPress plugin, MyCurator connects to the same cloud process that powers the hosted business sites. This allows MyCurator to maintain a low processing overhead on your blog or site.

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Content Curation

Content Curation Primer

Photo by Stuck in Customs What is Content Curation? Content curation is the process of sorting through the vast amounts of content on the web and presenting it in a meaningful and organized way around a specific theme. ‘The work ‘involves ‘sifting, sorting, arranging, and publishing information. ‘A content […]

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