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Why so many Twitter Errors in my Error Log?

With MyCurator you can discover content from Twitter searches as well as following a specific user’s Twitter stream.  MyCurator looks at each tweet for a link to an article or blog post.  It then grabs that article for your training posts.  If you look at your Error Log in the MyCurator Logs menu item, you may see one or more errors with the message “Could Not Resolve Twitter Link”.  What does that mean? Read more “Why so many Twitter Errors in my Error Log?”


How do you keep your Client’s new Website Growing…

With high hopes, you launch your client’s new website, as well as connecting them up socially on twitter, Facebook and Google+.  And then, nothing happens!  That client that mapped out a schedule of content posts with great enthusiasm hasn’t done a thing.  Their blog, and all of the downstream networks like twitter and facebook, just languish.  It may not be a “no time” issue. For many business people, starting from a blank page to write content is daunting! Read more “How do you keep your Client’s new Website Growing with Fresh Content?”

How To

Quickly Curating Content with the Get It Bookmarklet

You can immediately start curating content as soon as you install MyCurator.  After adding your API Key into the Options page, just go to the Get It & Source It menu item and drag the Get It bookmarklet to your Bookmarks bar of your browser (see our Documentation and Video for more details).

You are ready to go! When you are reading an article in your browser just click the Get It bookmark. Now you have several options. Read more “Quickly Curating Content with the Get It Bookmarklet”


How does Content Curation Help my Blog Grow?

Why should I be sending my visitors away to another site by curating their content?  That seems like a quick way to shrink my readership!

That is the question I most often hear from bloggers looking into content curation.  Frankly, it is a risk, because if you don’t do your curation well, that may well be what happens.  The key though is to treat your curation with the same creativity and focus that you would your original writings. Read more “How does Content Curation Help my Blog Grow?”

13 Ethical Ways to Increase Your Site's Search Traffic Content Curation

Expert Tips on Increasing your Site Traffic

13 successful entrepreneurs provide their best tip on increasing traffic to your site.  As you might expect, they almost all focus on content, especially if you want ethical techniques as the title of the article suggests.

What I found most interesting is how many focused on longevity and perseverance.  Content is not a short term fix.  It takes months and years to build up  a body of quality content.  Especially if you want that content to be both focused on your business interests yet wide-ranging to bring in the long-tail searches. Read more “Expert Tips on Increasing your Site Traffic”


How does Content Curation get my Small Business Found…

As a small business, I’m sure you are finding that having a strong presence on the web is becoming ever more important.  Especially with the rise of mobile phone technology, customers can look for your service or product when they are ready to make a purchase.  If they don’t find you in their search, or hear about you in their social networks, you lose the sale.

One of the best and safest ways to get your small business website noticed by search engines is to provide regular, quality content on your site.  Above and beyond your product or service descriptions and white papers, this also means a variety of news and information that are relevant to your customers.  This is called Content Marketing, and it is becoming the key focus of marketing for businesses big and small.  Content curation is a key part of this effort, and focuses on finding articles and information related to your business that provide value to your clients. Read more “How does Content Curation get my Small Business Found on the Web?”