How does Content Curation get my Small Business Found…

As a small business, I’m sure you are finding that having a strong presence on the web is becoming ever more important.  Especially with the rise of mobile phone technology, customers can look for your service or product when they are ready to make a purchase.  If they don’t find you in their search, or hear about you in their social networks, you lose the sale.

One of the best and safest ways to get your small business website noticed by search engines is to provide regular, quality content on your site.  Above and beyond your product or service descriptions and white papers, this also means a variety of news and information that are relevant to your customers.  This is called Content Marketing, and it is becoming the key focus of marketing for businesses big and small.  Content curation is a key part of this effort, and focuses on finding articles and information related to your business that provide value to your clients. Read more “How does Content Curation get my Small Business Found on the Web?”

How To

Training MyCurator Articles on your Live Site

The training capabilities of MyCurator are a great way to find and prioritize the best content for your site.  The little green thumbs up and red thumbs down give you a simple way to provide feedback about which articles you like or don’t like.  These ‘thumbs’ are what we refer to as the training tags.  You may also see them on your live site, and this article talks about when they show up and how  to hide them. Read more “Training MyCurator Articles on your Live Site”

Content Curation

Is Content Curation the End or the Beginning of…

Really good content curation is very difficult. This great piece makes the case that it is at least as hard and creative as writing original blog articles. With so much content out there, having an “eye” to discover the best and the writing ability to create a narrative or story for your audience is a real skill. Read more “Is Content Curation the End or the Beginning of your Marketing Strategy?”

How To

Multiple Author Content Curation with MyCurator

If you have a larger media or publishing site, chances are you have many authors who may be curating information.  You may have multiple categories on your blog, with a specific author responsible for each category.  Another possibility is that you are sharing author and editorial duties across many people, and using a plugin like Edit Flow to manage the process.  MyCurator can support these and other scenarios with its multiple author curation features. Read more “Multiple Author Content Curation with MyCurator”