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They’re Back: Google Alerts Turns On RSS Support

Just as unexpectedly as Google turned off support for RSS Feeds of Alerts when they put an end to their Google Reader back in June, today it appears that they have turned them back on. Google Alerts RSS The Bundle Post has already tested the RSS Feed Channel function and they are working within the system. So for now, it appears that Google Alerts has turned back on RSS support for Alerts.

Login to your Google Alert account. Either […]

Without any news, Google turned on the ability to receive your Google Alerts as an RSS feed.  This feature was killed along with the shut down of Google Reader – again without any news that it would happen.

The word was that it was actually Google Reader that created the RSS feeds so when it was closed down, out went the RSS feeds.  So maybe Google has been working on a feed delivery project without telling anyone, and it finally finished.

Whatever the case, they are back and work just like before.  There was a minor format change, so you need Version 2.0 of MyCurator to use them.  You will also need to re-add any old alerts to your sources using the Source It tool.

To grab an alert for your Sources, you just need to click on the Feed link or the RSS Icon.  This will bring up the feed page, which is a bunch of coded text that computers read.  Now just click on the Source It bookmark to grab the feed for your site.  You still need a Google Account to access the RSS Feed option.

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