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Identifying Feeds for MyCurator Sources

Our Source It tool can usually find a feed if one is available.  In some cases though, all of the feeds for a site are presented in a single web page.   For instance, TechCrunch has a page with all of their feeds here:  The Source It tool won’t work on this page – it will only capture the first feed it finds, and you can’t choose which one you want from the tool. Read more “Identifying Feeds for MyCurator Sources”

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Google Reader and Google Alerts – Impact on MyCurator

Update: Even though Google Alerts have their own unique RSS feed URL, Google has discontinued them.  This is a choice made by Google, and was not announced at all.  It is a shame that Google Alerts are not available by RSS as their are so many who would have used one of the many available feed readers to follow them.  There was absolutely no reason that Google Reader was a requirement for alerts.
Please see our post on replacing Google Alerts with for an option to continue alerts with MyCurator.
As you may have heard, Google will be discontinuing Google Reader.  What about Google Alerts?  When you create them for delivery by RSS, they are automatically added to your Google Reader account.  It turns out though that they have a separate RSS URL that we capture for MyCurator.  This means that the Google Alert RSS feed is not a part of Google Reader and should be available after Google Reader goes away.  We haven’t seen anything that says Google Alerts will be discontinued, but we’ll keep watching.
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Why don’t I see Articles from my Feeds?

When you go to curate content from your training posts, it seems that you aren’t seeing the articles that you think you should.  Maybe you’ve seen some posts on a blog whose RSS is in your sources, yet they don’t show up in the Training page.  Or you’ve go some Google Alerts but they don’t seem to bring anything back, yet a search of the keywords shows some results. Read more “Why don’t I see Articles from my Feeds?”

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Tips on Using the Bulk Content Curation Tools in…

With version 1.3 of MyCurator we expanded the Training Posts menu item in the Dashboard.  This menu item lets you work with the articles found by MyCurator using the same format and capabilities as working with your regular Posts in the dashboard.  One of the key new features is the ability to do Bulk Curation across many articles in your training posts at once. Read more “Tips on Using the Bulk Content Curation Tools in MyCurator”

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How to Make Sure MyCurator Runs on Time

One of the best features of MyCurator is that it runs in the background, discovering content and pushing it to your training page throughout the day.  To do this, MyCurator uses a core part of WordPress called WP-Cron which wakes up when traffic comes to your site and looks for things to do such as run MyCurator, take out the Trash and implement scheduled posts.

The problem comes when you don’t have enough traffic on a regular basis to trigger WP-Cron.  This is especially true if you are just starting out, or are trying out MyCurator on a test site.  Without consistent traffic, the WordPress Cron will not wake up and check for things to do, so your Every 3 Hours schedule of running MyCurator won’t happen.  In fact it will tend to run when you go to the site and check it out. Read more “How to Make Sure MyCurator Runs on Time”