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MyCurator and Gutenberg Editor

MyCurator 3.3 and WordPress 5.0

This new version of MyCurator supports the new Gutenberg editor in WordPress 5.0.  There are now 3 different ways that you can edit your curated posts! We will outline each below and how MyCurator will work with them.

Gutenberg Editor and Blocks

The new Gutenberg editor works with Blocks.  In the MyCurator Options menu item, Basic tab, you will find a new option to “Create Gutenberg Blocks into Curated Posts?”.  Checking this option will have MyCurator create Gutenberg blocks for the title, excerpt, attribution link and any embedded images whenever you [Make Live], [Quick] or auto-post.  You can then edit these blocks.

Unfortunately, there is a bug in the Gutenberg editor such that when you use MyCurator Click-Copy (clicking on yellow highlighted paragraphs) the text is inserted but not actually saved.  You need to press the spacebar or key in some text after the click copy to get Gutenberg to recognize the text.

Gutenberg Editor Classic Block

If you do not check the Save Gutenberg blocks option, when you [Make Live], use [Quick] or auto-post, the post created by MyCurator will be a Classic Block.  Unfortunately, again there is a bug in WP 5.0 where the Click-Copy feature won’t insert the text at the cursor – it goes to the top of the block. To get around this for now, you can turn off Click-Copy (checkbox in upper right of saved page) and just copy and paste into the Classic Block.

Go Back to Classic Editor

If you don’t want to use the new editor, you can install the Classic Editor plugin and WordPress will operate like it always did.  MyCurator will automatically check if the classic editor plugin is activated and if so will automatically use it when you [Make Live] from a training post.


MyCurator Version 2.2


Version 2.2 of MyCurator Content Curation software ensures comparability with WordPress version 4.2.  In addition the embed of YouTube videos has been updated to allow for more success.  This fix helps with changes made by Google in the YouTube url naming.  Some other updates include more changes to picture capture for reliability and for paid subscribers,  a new Get It tab to Publish directly to you site while specifying Categories rather than relying on Topic/Categoty identification.


MyCurator Version 2.1.4

The new version of the MyCurator content curation software for WordPress adds some key new features.  As I’m sure you’ve noticed, articles are getting published in multiple places all around the web.  We’ve added a new filter to remove articles with duplicate titles within the same Topic.  This will catch duplicates that show up on different websites or with slightly different URL’s but are really the same article.  The new option is in the Curation tab and is named “Remove Duplicate Titles Within Same Topic”.  The option should be checked after the update is installed, but you can clear it if you feel you may be missing some content that happens to have the same title.

In rare cases, the memory requirement to check titles across all training posts may cause the background process to stop.  This should only happen if you have 1000’s of Training Posts and your host only allocates a small amount of memory to your site.  You can clear this option if this is the case.

The second major addition to this release is the ability to add a start and end date to your Topics.  If you have a business or pro plan, you can now add Topics and schedule when they will be active.  This allows you to selectively generate content for specific categories.  Other minor fixes include removing the old featured image from your media library when you use the click-copy feature to add a new featured image, as well as some cleanup of PHP warnings that have caused some problems for clients that run their site with debug on.


New MyCurator Cloud Process


We have updated the cloud process to work more efficiently and to handle more requests from clients.  The new version will only work with MyCurator version 2.0 or newer.  If you are still using an older version of MyCurator, then you will need to upgrade your plugin to access the cloud services.  No changes need to be made to your API Key or any other account information.



MyCurator Update for WordPress 3.9

MyCurator has been updated to Version 2.1.3 for compatibility with WordPress 3.9.  The only change was to make some formatting changes to the Image Pop up when you click on an image within the Saved Page meta box while editing a Draft or Published post.  If you encounter any other issues with WordPress 3.9 and MyCurator, please contact us.


MyCurator Version 2.1.2

The new version of MyCurator content curation software for WordPress adds the ability to place the attribution link to the original article to the top of the post rather than the default of the bottom of the post.  You can set this option in the Curation tab of the Options page.

The other elements of this release are focused on fixing recurring problems with the Training tags disappearing from the Trianing Posts entries. Read more “MyCurator Version 2.1.2”


MyCurator Content Curation Software for WordPress

MyCurator is powerful corporate level software brought to you as a plugin. It uses a cloud process to perform intensive AI processing and article classification. This allows MyCurator to maintain a low processing overhead on your site.  The software works tirelessly in the background delivering a pipeline of interesting, usable content to you throughout the day. Read more “MyCurator Content Curation Software for WordPress”