MyCurator version 1.3.4 Works with new Twitter API

The new update to version 1.3.4 of MyCurator will restore the capability to capture content from Twitter.

Twitter has moved to a new form of access to their content.  All access must come from a Twitter user, and must come through a Twitter App if you are not logged in to their site.  To use MyCurator to search Twitter for content, you must set up a Twitter App.  Once you have created a Twitter App, you just copy a couple of keys to the Twitter Tab in the MyCurator Options menu.  The Twitter API documentation walks you through this process, with screenshots for reference. Read more “MyCurator version 1.3.4 Works with new Twitter API”


MyCurator Twitter Feeds Update

We are in final testing of the new Twitter API support.  If anyone would like to try out the new version and give us some feedback, please Contact Us through the website.  We’ll provide full support and you can get your Twitter searches back online soon.

The new Twitter API will require that you have a Twitter account and you will have to set up a Twitter ‘App’.  We will provide full instructions in our documentation.  You will NOT have to change any of the Twitter feeds or follows that you entered through the News or  Twitter menu item in MyCurator.   Thank you for your patience.


Twitter Sources Not Working

On June 11th Twitter turned off its old API, including the use of RSS feeds to get twitter searches and twitter timelines.  Your Twitter sources can not be read by MyCurator because of this.  While we have been working on an update to work with their new API, this happened before we could get out the new version.  We hope to get a  new version out soon.

The new Twitter API requires the authorization of a user account to access any twitter searches or following a twitter user.  This means that you will have to create a twitter ‘application’ under your twitter account and then copy several access tokens and secret tokens to our new MyCurator update.

While we will have detailed instructions to walk you through the process, it is going to be a bit of a hassle to get everything set up to use the new Twitter API.

If any of you would like to be a beta tester for the new version that corrects the Twitter  API, please use the Contact Us form on our site to tell us.  We’ll  post any further updates to  this blog.  Thank you for your patience.



MyCurator version 1.3.3

Our new update makes it as easy as a single click to insert content or images from your saved article into a curated post.  The click copy feature is available in the WordPress Editor whenever you have a saved readable page in the Saved Page Meta Box, including all of the saved pages in a Multi post.

Click Copy Feature

Read more “MyCurator version 1.3.3”


MyCurator Version 1.3.2 Upgrade for Multi-Author Curation

In this upgrade of MyCurator, we have focused on providing multi-author support for your curated articles.  The key change is that you can now set an author for each Topic using the dropdown titled “User for MyCurator Posts” on the Topic page.  This user will be the author for each article posted to the Training section by MyCurator.  If you don’t choose an author  for a Topic, MyCurator will use the default author you have set in the Admin tab of the Options page. Read more “MyCurator Version 1.3.2 Upgrade for Multi-Author Curation”


MyCurator Plugin Version 1.3.1 Update

This update provides several new features as well as some fixes and updates to existing features.

Twitter Content Curation and MyCurator

The new version 1.3.1 allows you to follow a twitter account.  Just like a twitter search, MyCurator will not post the actual tweets, it will search each tweet from the user account and look for an article link.  If it finds one, it will attempt to capture the article and post it to your training page. Read more “MyCurator Plugin Version 1.3.1 Update”


MyCurator Version 1.2.2

With version 1.2.2 of MyCurator we have focused on adding a lot of formatting options that have been suggested by our clients.  In fact, the Options menu has been revamped to use tabs, breaking up the options into Basic, Curation, Format and Admin.  We have updated our Options documentation to describe each of the new features.

Video Curation

Our major new feature is focused support for Video curation.  We have created a new Topic Type of Video which allows MyCurator to find and embed videos directly into posts.  With a Video topic, you want to do a minimum of filtering because there is frequently very little text on the web page where it is embedded (especially the major channels such as YouTube, Vimeo etc).  We have also found that the best source is a Google Alert with a Result Type of Video which uses Google’s search engine to find and filter the web pages.  A new Option under the Curation tab tells MyCurator to try and embed the video it finds on a web page into the excerpt of the Training Page post. Read more “MyCurator Version 1.2.2”


MyCurator adds new content curation features

With version 1.2.0 to be released soon, MyCurator will have a new Bookmarklet tool that will allow you to capture any article to your training page while you browse the web on your computer, tablet or phone!

Get It Bookmarklet Tool

Get It is a bookmarklet: a little app that runs in your browser and lets you grab bits of the web.

Use Get It to save articles to your training page as you are reading them in your browser or iPad! Now you can add all of the content you find while browsing the web, twitter and your social networks. The content you discover on your own can be posted right into the training page along with all of the content that MyCurator has discovered. The full readable page will be saved and you can use the new article to train MyCurator as well as curate it onto your live blog.  No matter how you source it, MyCurator is your central repository for good content.

Ready for WordPress 3.5

Read more “MyCurator adds new content curation features”


Version 1.1.4 Released

MyCurator version 1.1.4 has been released.  This version primarily adds full support for non-English language blogs and sites.  You may now enter non-English characters into the Topic keywords and they will filter articles correctly.  All special characters sets for non-English languages will also be read and processed by the Relevance engine, allowing for complete training in any language.  See more details in the new International Documentation page.  Some other fixes:

  • For Topics that have been set as a Filter type, the [Make Live] and trashcan icon will be available for the article on the training page.  Filter type topics can not be trained so you will not see the thumbs up/down training tags.
  • The relevant documentation sections have been linked into the top of each MyCurator menu item page, such as Topics, Sources, Logs, Options.