Update to version 1.1.2 to fix image delete problem

Today we released version 1.1.2 which contains a fix to MyCurator where often times the associated featured post thumbnail for a training post was not deleted when the training post was deleted.

If you have the option “Save first article picture as featured post thumbnail” clicked on, then this bug applies to you.

After upgrading to 1.1.2, you can remove any unattached images in your media file through the following steps:

  1. Go to the Media menu item in the Dashboard, and you will see your media library listing
  2. In the upper left of the page, click on the link Unattached(xxx) where (xxx) will be the number of unattached images in your library.
  3. Images posted by MyCurator and unattached will have No Title as the title.
  4. You may have other unattached images or attachments, so be careful in the next steps if you do!
  5. Click on the checkbox next to all MyCurator unattached images.  If they are all images you want to remove, you can click on the checkbox in the title bar and all of the images will be clicked at once.
  6. Choose Delete Permanently from the Bulk Actions drop down, then click Apply.  All of your checked images will be deleted.
  7. You will have to repeat steps 5 and 6 until all images are deleted.

If you have any other issues or problems with MyCurator, please contact us through the Contact Us page on the website or post on the WordPress plugin support forum.


MyCurator Version 1.1.1 Released

MyCurator version 1.1.1 contains some changes to support languages as well as some basic fixes.  Two new option fields have been added to the Options menu under the heading International Settings at the bottom.  These options allow you to change the text in the links to the original article page or the saved, readable page that MyCurator creates.  You can change the text to match the language of your blog, so that article excerpts and the link language are the same.  You can also change them to any wording you would rather use in English.

With this change and a fix to handle language characters in the excerpt created by MyCurator, it will now work with languages supported by UTF-8 encoding, the same as used by WordPress.

Some other changes include:

  1. You can choose to Not have MyCurator save its article snippet in the post excerpt field.  If your theme uses the_excerpt to display posts on a page, this can sometimes cause posts not to display any manually entered information on the post.  By choosing this option, your theme will create an excerpt from the first 55 words of a post generated by MyCurator.
  2. A fix to strip spaces from before and after the API Key entered on the options page, which was causing some users to receive an Invalid Token error.
  3. You now have the ability to delete any topic, no matter the status, from the Remove option.
  4. Topic names are now checked for characters that can cause problems, such as & and ?.



MyCurator Version 1.1 adds support for Content Curation

Target Info is pleased to announce that MyCurator version 1.1 will be released the week of July 30th, 2012. This update has several features to support content curation, making it easier and more productive than ever. Some of the key features include:

  1. You can choose to add the link to the original web page in the post that MyCurator creates for an article (instead of the link to the readable page).  Attribution for content thus becomes automatic when posted to your live blog.
  2. The readable page that MyCurator creates will now be available in a meta box within the WordPress Post Editor.  You can easily review the article, find quotes and paste them into your curated post.
  3. All images found within the article will also be available in the readable page meta box.  You can change the featured image and copy images into your curated post.
  4. You will have the option of going directly into the WordPress Post Editor when you make a MyCurator post live from the Training page.  With access to the full article and images, you can curate your post, save it as a draft for later work, or publish it immediately, saving several steps in the process.

With integrated support for the curation process, using familiar WordPress tools, MyCurator not only helps you find interesting, targeted content, it is now the easiest and most efficient way to curate that information into posts on your blog!


MyCurator Now Free for Individuals and Bloggers!

MyCurator is now Free for individuals, bloggers and non-profits!  MyCurator is also now available on the plugin repository at   You can have MyCurator read through over 30 articles per day, finding just those that you have trained it to like.  If you are a business or are using your site to promote a product or service, our Business Plan has been lowered to an affordable $20 per month!  With a business plan you can have MyCurator read through over 150 articles per day.

MyCurator is the first WordPress plugin that automates the crucial first step of content curation – finding interesting and insightful content that is meaningful to your community or clients.  By saving you hours every day in searching for new content, MyCurator lets you focus on the most important aspects of content curation, providing your ideas, opinions and insights to your readers!


MyCurator is now available

The MyCurator WordPress plugin was officially released today and may be downloaded for a free 30 day trial. MyCurator reads through 100s of articles from blogs, alerts and news feeds every day, finding just the few articles you’ve trained it to like. You can then automatically have the good articles posted to a specific category on your blog. You can also manually curate the best insights from the articles into your own blog posts.

MyCurator started as a hosted offering for businesses who provided targeted articles and insights to their customers to drive engagement and customer retention. As a WordPress plugin, MyCurator connects to the same cloud process that powers the hosted business sites. This allows MyCurator to maintain a low processing overhead on your blog or site.

Check our blog for articles found and posted by MyCurator


MyCurator launching soon

We are just a few days away from launching MyCurator WordPress plugin. The plugin is based on our hosted solution, bringing machine learning techniques to the WordPress community. Our free 30 day trial will let you try out the plugin and see how it works for you. At $10 per month, our Individual plan is a tremendous bargain, saving you hours per day of reading through hundreds of blogs, alerts and news feeds.


Welcome to Target Info

We are almost ready to release our MyCurator WordPress Plugin. If you would like to be one of the first to try it, click on the Free Trial button and fill in the contact information. We hope to work with you soon.