Content Curation

Content Curation: 12 Ways To Add Value

Producing sufficient quality content is the biggest challenge content marketers face according to recent research by Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs . While automated content curation offers a possible solution to this growing problem, it misses a critical point. […]

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As a creator of a content curation software tool, I can’t agree more with Heidi that you need to add a human touch to really curate great content.  The 12 ways to add value she presents make a great checklist to quickly review before you put out each curated post.

To curate for a community or client base, or even to build you site SEO, you really need to handle each piece  by hand.  Building your thought leadership takes practice and focus.

MyCurator does offer an auto-post feature.  I view this primarily as a news aggregation feature, not really curation.  If your blog or site focuses on a very narrow niche, then aggregating stories and news can be a valuable function for your site.  Since your community or clients don’t have time to scour the internet for news on your niche, aggregating it in one place is a service.  The training features of MyCurator also make this a human-intervention process where your training efforts help to target the aggregated content into a tight focus on your niche.

Content curation is a great way to augment your content marketing offering. It enables you to leverage other people’s content to meet your target audience’s content needs and your goals. While part of the process can be automated, it requires people to supply the editorial function and perspective that can’t be delegated to machines.

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