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Content Curation and SEO – 2 Views

Content Curation and SEO Gears on ScentTrail Marketing Jayson DeMers ( @jaysondemers ), CEO of AudienceBloom , wrote Your Guide To Content Curation for SEO For Search Engine Journal. His post is original. Some of the post’s points are consistent with my content curation and SEO experience. There is a some misdirection too. Before drilling into where Your Guide To Content Curation for SEO is different from my experience let’s give credit where it’s due.

Jayson’s website is a […]

A couple of SEO expert views on content curation and its impact on SEO.  Martin Smith reviews Jayson DeMers article in the SEO Journal, so you get the benefit of opposing views and different opinions.

I found this very enlightening line in Martins review: “Google is a modeled system. In a post Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird world Google’s modeled expectations are important. If your model is 1 new blog post a day then you can safely increase by 10% or 20% if you want to live dangerously. If AudienceBloom dumps 800 pages on Google next week klaxons would go off. A Google editor would want to know what is going on. Google editor reviews are NEVER good things.”

What strikes me is that mixing in good curation is going to be a much easier way to meet your site’s ‘Google model’ than creation alone.  Both articles are great and should reinforce best practices and adding value through content curation.

Jayson DeMers article Your Guide to Content Curation for SEO

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Thanks for picking up my post on content curation. Suspect content curation is about to be HUGE since it provides greater reach, ROI and extend content creation. With everyone in the “inbound marketing” business driving signal to noise ratio up beyond a comfortable point finding ways to KNOW what will win will become increasingly important.

Yes, its amazing how many generic articles on content curation I have to sift through now to find a few good ones like your article – a lot of noise out there now!

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