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Hootsuite’s curation tool Increasingly, content marketers are employing content curation , the process of finding, organizing and sharing third-party content, as a part of their content marketing efforts. Earlier this year, my company released a survey with over 400 […]

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This is a nice list to have all in one place of sources for your content discovery.  Many of them are sources of feeds, which you can load into MyCurator.  I especially like AllTop for finding new blogs.  With our new Source It tool, you can find a blog on AllTop, click on its title then use the Source It tool to load it right into your Links Sources.  Also the twitter searches using Hootsuite as mentioned in this article can be set up within MyCurator using the News or Twitter menu item under Links.  While some of these are for larger corporations (the author, Pawan Deshpande, is the founder of Curata, a software solution like MyCurator for larger corporations), it may trigger some ideas for sourcing content from within your own organization.

For those that are not readable as RSS, the time you save having MyCurator reading your feeds can be spent browsing some of these sites.

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271 feeds? Maybe we should share OPML files to see what we can pick up from each other, and then cut down from the meergd list.The duplication is the problem. Just today I have seen over a half-dozen headlines, different blogs, with exactly the same title iPhone SDK downloads top 100,000 (or something like that). I don’t mind having a lot of information, as long as it is the right information and non-duplicative. But, it can take time to figure out which blogs are not really adding any value and are nothing but me too blogs.Back to Alltop: Kawasaki is a sharp guy, so I was surprised to see him invest so much into such a site. Perhaps he has researched the market enough to know that there are a lot of info junkies out there he forgot to ask my opinion, though And Michael Arrington and Paul Stamatiou have foo-foo’d Alltop as well. Could turn out to be a success, though.

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