Content Curation

Content Curation to Match your Sales Funnel

In the first article of this 2-part series, I debated on how badly executed content curation can  be a waste of your and your readers’ time , and advocated for the purposed content curation that brings an added value to your reader. The content curation tactic will help you offer more diverse materials to satisfy the shoppers’ informational needs at the various stages of the buying cycle.

Today’s article, continues with a look at the value content curation brings to […]

I’ve seen more articles like this on specific tactics for using content curation in your business.  The overall thrust of the articles is that content should be used to help your clients as they work through your sales funnel.

The point is that content does not make a sale directly.  As a client evaluates a purchase, they seek out content regarding the products and companies they are looking at.  This can include reviews, but more importantly it may also involve questions about how the products work, what pain points they help, education about the solutions and information about the market niche in general.

The goal of content curation then becomes providing information to address potential client questions and curiosity.  If you were to ask all of your customer-facing employees what questions they hear from potential clients, that could become a road-map to content you want to curate.  Finding articles that educate, provide an overview of a niche or discuss solutions and why they work for customers can all be helpful.

By curating content, as opposed to writing it all yourself, you provide the potential client with a broader range of opinions as well as some comfort that the material is not just your ‘sales pitch’.  As in the quote from the article below, it builds trust and helps your client move closer to a sale.

The content you decide to curate and present to your readers needs to be complementary to your original content, to establish you as a trustworthy source within your field. By blending your own thought leadership materials with curated industry specific information, you will offer a more complete range of content which will help the prospecting reader get closer to the purchase stage.