Content Curation

Content Curation vs. Thought Leadership: What’s the Difference?

The fundamental point of this article is that “thought leadership” does not come from merely curating various articles onto your site. As Laura points out, you need to bring your own point of view and opinions to any curation to add value to your clients. I would say that to be an effective curator, you will need to have a passion and interest in what you are curating. You will have to wrestle with how each article fits in to your message, and how to make that clear to your audience. You will have to search widely to find something new and interesting that isn’t already retweeted multiple times.

What this really means is that it is the actual curator who gains the thought leadership through their activities. If you are trying to build a B2B curation effort, you must make sure that your curator has the skills and abilities to build this trust with your clients – it doesn’t happen just because they post a lot of articles on your blog.

This is an important lesson for B2B marketers to learn: content curation is not a substitute for an interesting or provocative point of view. If you need to grow content volume by sharing relevant information in demand generation and marketing programs, start by narrowing your target audience and focusing on the content that helps prospects and clients solve a particular, meaningful problem.

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