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Creative Content Marketing for Financial Services: 3 Examples

As if the financial services industry hasn’t been beat up enough over the past few years, it’s also gotten something of a bad rap for its lackluster content marketing. Let’s face it, while investment banks, asset managers, and other […]

I know a lot of people in the financial services industry don’t think you can do content curation or marketing.  With so much regulatory burden, its hard to figure out where to draw the line.  In this article from the Content Marketing Institute it seems that some large companies are moving forward to take some interesting approaches to content.

There are many clients using MyCurator in the insurance and financial services industry.  Most are small agencies and shops, looking to use curation to boost their engagement with their clients.  I think it will be a growing trend as more companies get comfortable with the regulatory environment and see their competitors enjoying success.

So the answer is yes, the financial services industry can and eventually will measure up in content marketing if it thinks outside of the regulatory box and reinvents the ways it delivers its messages to resonate in the 21st century. Bring on the infographics and viral videos, the social media campaigns and blogs. It may just be a matter of taking a few risks, which in an industry as skittish and scrutinized as financial services, is no small feat.