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Curated content: Here today, gone tomorrow?

Matthew Shadbolt By MATTHEW SHADBOLT Much of the advice centered around growing a business online, especially a real estate brand presence, centers around the idea of curation. Specifically, the tenured growth of sharing links, at scale, over time. It’s […]

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How much of the curated content that you’ve been posting to your blog will still be around in a year?  This study says that over 10% of it may be gone – nothing at the end of your link!  That could be a real problem if you’ve just quoted a bit of the article and your commentary presupposes that the reader has access to the original.  It is also quite inconvenient for your community to click on links and get a bunch of 404 – Not Found pages.

Fortunately, MyCurator has actually saved the complete text of each article you’ve curated.   We are working on a new feature that will allow you to change the link to the saved readable page when the original content is gone.  We can still mention the original blog or site for attribution, but display the saved text when a viewer wants to see more.

Using a web based service such as, you are eventually going to lose control of some of your content as it disappears from the web.  More and more businesses are thinking about the benefits of  keeping control of their content, both original and what you’ve curated.   MyCurator not only makes it easier to curate content, but is actually archiving the content for the future at the same time.

What they found was that after two and a half years, almost 30 percent of the original sources had disappeared, 11 percent of that having taken place within the first year, and then accelerating as the content continued to age.

This very thought provoking article has several links to sources and studies documenting the trend of content disappearing.

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