Documentation – Auto Post

MyCurator can be used to Auto Post good content to your live blog.  Applications include curating content for a news category, local items of interest, industry or market trends and other topics where the items you post are topical and news oriented.  Auto Post can be enabled on a Topic by Topic basis, so you may Auto Post a News Topic which shows up as an Industry News Category on your live blog, while leaving manual curation in place for other Topics.  Items automatically posted will have the same format as those on the Training page: the original article title, a short excerpt and a link to the full article.

Higher Quality News Items than just an RSS feed

These applications can be especially useful to businesses and non-profits who don’t have time to find and publish news items about their niche.  By using MyCurator’s AI relevance engine you can train MyCurator to weed out over 90% of the items that you would normally find in RSS feeds from Google alerts or news sites.  This allows you to automatically publish a much higher-quality news stream to your blog automatically, saving time and boosting client engagement with your site.

Enabling Auto Post

When automatically posting items to your live blog, MyCurator will only post those items that have been classified as ‘good’ by the Relevance AI engine.  This means you must first spend some time training the Topic before you enable Auto Post.  Typically, you should train items until you feel MyCurator is classifying most of the items as ‘good’ that you feel are relevant to your Auto Post Topic.  Remember, you may not be checking your site every day and you need to be confident that MyCurator is weeding out off-topic and spam posts before you enable Auto Post.

To enable Auto Post, go to the Topics menu item within the MyCurator menu.  Click on the Topic you wish to enable.  In the Topic edit page, go down to the “Topic Status” field.  Change the Drop Down to “Auto Post Good – Active”.  Click on Save Options and you have enabled Auto Posting for the Topic.  The next time MyCurator processes, any good items found for the Topic will be automatically posted to the live blog, with the same format as you would have seen on the Training page (Title, short excerpt and link to full article).

Maintaining Auto Post Topics

Items that are automatically posted to your live blog may still be used for training MyCurator.  Typically, you would tell MyCurator that an item on your live blog was not appropriate and click on the  thumbs down.  This will remove the item from the live blog as well as tell MyCurator that this is not the type of article you wish to see.  You may also click the  Trash symbol to just remove an article from the live blog that has been automatically posted, without training MyCurator.

Just like a spam filter, you should periodically review the items in your Training page for a Topic set to Auto Post.  All articles that are classified as ‘not sure’ or ‘bad’ will still be sent to the Training page.  You can use these items to continue to train MyCurator.  You can also choose [Make Live] to post an item to your live blog.

MyCurator periodically deletes items from the Training page after a number of days set by the Option field “Keep Training Posts for How Many Days?”.  You should make sure to set this to a number of days longer than your usual periodic review of the Training page.