Documentation – Bulk Curation

In your Dashboard, the Training Posts menu item will usually be located below Comments.   As you hover over the title of each item, the standard training tags appear.  If you click on an image, or a “Click for Video” link a popup will appear with the full image or video.  If you click the title of the article, a popup will appear with the readable page of text extracted from the web site.

You can sort and filter the training posts just like other admin list tables.  You can also set how many posts appear by choosing the Screen Options in the upper right and setting the number of posts.

You can now do all of your curation from the Training Posts admin menu, giving you two options.  Some may find the table format of the admin section better, others may like the training page with its ‘blog format’.

Bulk Curation  – Training Posts menu

The Training Posts menu item also has an expanded capability for bulk curation.  You can work with a group of posts and perform all of the standard options, such as training good or bad, moving them to trash, make live, make draft or set as Multi.  Just like any of the admin list tables, just check the posts that you wish to work with.  If you click the checkbox in the header, all of the posts will be selected.  Then just choose your operation from the Bulk Actions drop down and press Apply.

Some examples for bulk curation are:

  1. Filter the list to just ‘bad’ items, click the header checkbox and Move to Trash – you’ve now removed all of the articles classified as bad.  If you have a lot, you can set the screen options as noted above to a higher number to remove more at once.
  2. As you read through your training posts, check those that you like.  When you’ve worked through the page, choose Make Live or Make Draft to move them to the appropriate status on your live blog all at once.
  3. Filter the list to a specific Topic and not sure, click on the items that should be classified as ‘bad’, then choose the train bad action and Apply.  The selected posts will be used for training, then removed from the table.
  4. Change the Author by clicking on one or more training posts, choosing Change Author then changing the Author drop down to the new Author and Save.