Documentation – Custom Post Types

MyCurator can curate content to your custom post types allowing great flexibility in organization and display of content.  Any Topic can be used to post curated articles to a custom post type instead of a standard post.  When you Make Live a Training Post for the Topic, it will become a Draft of the Custom Post Type you’ve chosen for the Topic.

Choosing Custom Post Types

The first step in using custom post types is to choose those that can receive curated content.  In the Options menu item under the Curation tab you will see a list of all custom post types available in your WordPress Installation.  Just check the box for each custom type that you would like to post curated content to.  Below each custom post type is displayed the Taxonomies that are available for that custom post type, if any.  If you wish to use a Taxonomy with a custom type you have checked, just check the box next to it.

Using Custom Post Types for a Topic

Once you have chosen which post types are available, you can now set up a Topic to post all of its curated content to a specific custom post type.

In the Topics entry page, near the bottom, you will see the custom post types and taxonomies that are available.  Just click on the Radio button for the post type you wish this Topic to post to.  If you have chosen a Taxonomy for the post type, you can choose a value that will be used for each post created.  Choose Save Topic and from that point forward any Training Post that is Made Live or Auto Posted as Live will now be posted with the Custom Post Type and Taxonomy value you have chosen.  Older posts will not be affected.