Documentation – Dashboard

The MyCurator Dashboard provides an overview of the installation, setup and processing status of MyCurator’s background process.  Information on each of the sections is provided below.

Installation Status

The installation status section displays your plan information, including the type of plan and any limitations.  If you upgrade or change your plan, click the Validate and Get Plan button to retrieve your new plan details from our cloud server.  This will update any limits, for example moving from an individual plan to a Pro plan will allow you to add unlimited Sources.

The second section of the installation status shows a green thumbs up if your PHP and WordPress installation has all of the needed components to support MyCurator.  If a component is missing then you will see a red thumbs down and a description of the missing component and what to do.  Usually you will need to contact your host to fix the problem.  If you have any questions you can use the Contact Us page on our site or email us at support at

Setup Checklist

This section verifies that you have created Sources and Topics and linked Sources to Topics by the Source Group.  If ok, you will see a green thumbs up and a count of your current Topics and Sources.  If some items are missing, they will be highlighted with a red thumbs down.  You can go to the Sources and Topics menu items to add or change these items.  The Topics menu item will also let you assign Source Groups to Topics.

Processing Status

The processing status shows when the MyCurator background process will run again.  You can set the frequency of this process in the MyCurator Options menu item, Basic tab with the “Run MyCurator Every” radio buttons. After MyCurator background process runs, articles that are found and pass your keyword screens in your Topics will be placed in the Training Posts menu item (usually just below Comments on your WordPress site dashboard). If you have articles that have been requested from our cloud service you will also see an entry detailing when MyCurator will check to see if the articles have been processed.

MyCurator uses WordPress Cron to run in the background.  If there are issues with WordPress Cron you will see error messages in this section with some descriptions of what to do to fix them.  If you have a low-traffic site, Cron will not start because it requires visitors to your site to ‘wake it up’.  Press refresh or click on the MyCurator Dashboard menu item every half-minute or so for a few minutes to see if you can wake it up.

Items Processed by MyCurator in the last 24 hours

This section displays a count of Articles found, Errors and any outstanding Requests within the last 24 hours.  Articles processed that meet your Topic keyword filters and criteria will be placed in your Training Posts menu item.  If articles do not pass your Topic criteria, they will be found in the Logs menu item with a message for each outlining why the article was not accepted.

Errors denote problems with processing your feeds or specific articles and are displayed in the Logs menu item.  You can click on the Errors link in this section or go to the Logs menu item and choose Error from the drop down named Article.

If any articles have been requested from our cloud service but have not been retrieved, they will show up under the Request line with a count.  You can view the requested articles by clicking on the Request link in this section or go to the Logs menu item and choose Request from the drop down named Article.

To get a compilation of all of the articles and errors, by Topic and Source, for the last 14 days, go to our Performance menu item.  This will tell you which Sources are providing the most articles and which have the most errors.