Documentation – Formatting

Refreshing the Training Posts Admin

As you work through your training items, and they are removed from the page (deleted, bad, made live or draft) the number of items on your Training Posts table will shrink.  No new items will be automatically added.  When you are ready, just refresh your page and a new set of items will be added to whatever is left, up to the limit you set in your Screen Options (Training Post admin).

Page Formatting gets Messed Up

Once in a while you may find that the Training Posts table all of the sudden has a formatting problem.  This is because we are saving the extracted web page text (but hidden) directly into the page for speed.  Sometimes though there is some badly formed HTML in the extracted text, and this causes the page to lose its format.

Normally you can identify which post the formatting problem starts with. If the problem includes the title, the previous article is most likely the problem. If the bad format starts after the title, that article has the problem. You can make the article live or draft if you like it, or delete it. Refresh the page and your formatting should return.

If you can’t identify the problem article, or you just want to turn off the use of the readable page popup, you can change an option to turn it off.  Go to the Curation Options tab for MyCurator.  Check the option “Do NOT show readable page in Training Popups”.  Now when you return to your Training Posts table, your formatting should be just fine.  The Quick tag will not have the saved web page text any more.  When you click on a post title, you will get a new browser tab with the readable page extracted from the text rather than a popup.

You can turn off this message by checking the Option – “Remove Formatting Help” in the Admin tab in the MyCurator Options menu.