Documentation – International

MyCurator is designed to work with any language supported by WordPress and the UTF-8 standard.  You may enter Topic Keywords using the non-English language characters available for your language.  The software AI based Relevance engine will also process non-English language characters.

Enable International Language Processing

To enable non-English language processing, you must click the check box for the option “Enable Non-English Language Processing?” on the Options page of the MyCurator menu.  This option is near the bottom in the International Settings part of the page.  If this option is not checked, then only the standard English alphabet will be processed by MyCurator.

In addition, you can enter wording for the full article links that are inserted into each post created by MyCurator.  These can include any languages available to WordPress.  With these two options, MyCurator will present all posts and links to the original article in the native language of your site.

Entering Topic Keywords

When you create a new Topic, you may only use the standard English alphabetic characters and numbers for the name.  You can enter your native language, including non-English characters,  into the “Topic Search 1”, “Topic Search 2” and “Topic Excluded” filter fields.  See the documentation on Topics for more detail on these fields.