Documentation – Source It

Source It is a bookmarklet: a little app that runs in your browser and lets you grab bits of the web.
Use Source It to grab a feed and load it into your Sources area when you are visiting a site that you want MyCurator to read each day. Source It can also easily grab a Google or Talkwalker Alerts feed too.

How to use Source It

After installing the Source It bookmarklet, whenever you see a site whose feed you want to save to your Sources, just click the Source It bookmark, change the title if you want, choose the Source Group for the feed or add a New Source Group, then click Save. The feed URL will be saved in your Sources page, with the Source Group you designated. MyCurator will now use this Source for any Topics that use the designatedSource Group of the feed.

If Source It cannot grab a feed from the site, you will see an error message. You can try to manually find the feed and add it by clicking the Add Source link  in the Sources menu item.

Google and Talkwalker Alerts

After you create an alert, from the Google or Talkwalker  Manage Alerts screen, you will see an RSS symbol on the right (left for Talkwalker), next to the word Feed.  Click on the symbol or the Feed link and a page of computer-readable code will come up.   Now use the Source It tool to capture this feed – just give it a name and hit the Submit button.

Installing Source It

For all of the instructions below, you should first go to the Get It & Source It menu item in the MyCurator dashboard menu then click on the Source It tab. All of the instructions here refer to the Bookmark code that shows up in the text box on your Source It page.  We cannot reproduce the code here as it is specific to your installation.

PC or Mac Computers

If you have a Bookmarks bar displayed in your browser, just drag the Source It image onto your Book Mark bar in your browser.
If your bookmarks toolbar is hidden or your browser does not allow you to drag and drop the link then:

  1. Highlight the Bookmark code in the box then Ctrl-c/Command-c to copy the code.
  2. Open your Bookmarks/Favorites manager and create a new bookmark/favorite.
  3. Edit the name to Source It and save.
  4. Click Manage/Organize Bookmarks/Favorites and edit the Source It entry you just created.
  5. Paste the code into the URL/Location/Address field using Ctrl-v/Command-v. Save the entry

iPhone and iPad

  1. Touch the Bookmark code box once (keyboard appears) then touch and hold until the magnifier appears and choose Select All then Copy.
  2. Add a Bookmark and set the title to Source It then save.
  3. Now touch the bookmarks option again and choose Edit bookmarks from the top right. and select the Source It bookmark you just created.
  4. Touch the location box then the x and remove the old location.
  5. Now Touch and Paste your previous copy into the bookmark.
  6. Press the Bookmarks button at the top to finish editing and then touch done in the upper right.

Android based phones and tablets

  1. Touch the Bookmark code box until the Edit Text menu appears, choose Copy All. Touch the menu and choose Add Bookmark.
  2. Edit the title to Source It then touch the Location box until the Edit Text menu appears.
  3. Choose Paste then Done to save the bookmark