Documentation – Getting Started


Using the WordPress Plugin Installer, Choose Add New and then Upload, choose the zip file on your computer that you downloaded from the WordPress repository or the Target Info site. After Uploading, choose Install and then Activate.

MyCurator Dashboard

After installing, you will see a new menu entry for MyCurator in your WordPress Dashboard, in the section underneath the Settings entry.  If you click on this entry or the MyCurator Dashboard menu item under this entry, you will see the MyCurator Dashboard.  The dashboard is where you enter your API Key.  It also has a convenient Setup Wizard after you have entered your API key and validated your plan.  After you have used the Wizard to set up your Topics and Sources, the Dashboard displays when MyCurator will look for articles next and gives a summary of articles and other activity over the last 24 hours.

Enter your API Key

You need to have an API Key for MyCurator to be able to access the cloud services where much of the article processing is performed.  Go to the Target Info website at and click on the Pricing menu item. You can choose from one of 3 plans and receive an API Key via email.  Copy the API Key and then go to the MyCurator Dashboard on your site and enter the API Key into the API Key field and Press Validate & Get Plan button.   The Plan you signed up for should be displayed and you are ready to begin.

Set Up MyCurator

Check and make sure that all of your system components are valid by looking for a message below your Plan information.  If any components are not valid or not installed, then make sure they are upgraded/installed before continuing.

The Setup Wizard section has a few fields to enter to set up your first Topic.  A  Topic tells MyCurator what type of articles to look for.  For example you may want to curate articles on Alternative Energy.  You would enter the following into the Wizard fields:

Topic Name: Alternative Energy

Topic Search 1 Keywords: alternative energy

Topic Search 2 Keywords: solar wind “fuel cell” battery “power wall”

*Assign Curated Articles to Which WordPress Category? Choose a category on your site which will be assigned to articles you curate.

Use spaces between each keyword. Enclose a phrase in quotes where each word must be present together in that order.  View our Quick Start Video for more information.

After you click the Create Topic button, the screen will refresh and the Processing Status section will display the time until MyCurator runs and gathers articles.  After the background process has completed, go to the Training Posts menu item in your WordPress site Dashboard (usually below Comments) to find articles for curation.

MyCurator has set up a Topic and 2 Sources (Google and Bing News feeds).  You can go to the Topics and Sources menu items in MyCurator to view/edit the new Topic and Sources.

Next Steps

Our Training Video MyCurator Quick Start should get you up and running in just a few minutes.  You can also use the documentation and get started, just follow these pages:

  1. Read the Sources page, get your Source It tool into the Bookmarks bar on your browser (See Source It pages).
  2. Go to your favorite blogs and news feeds and use Source It to capture them.  Use Source It to add your Google Alerts
  3. Drag the Get It tool (see Get It page) onto your bookmarks bar and save articles as you browse to your Training page.
  4. Curate your first article from the Training Posts menu item by clicking [Make Live]!
  5. Train articles in your Training Posts as Good (green thumbs up) or Bad (red thumbs down) so MyCurator can classify future articles as good, bad or not sure.
  6. Read the Topics page and Edit your Topic or create more topics if you have the Pro or Business Plan.