Getting Started with Content Curation

Like so many small businesses, you’ve got your site up, you are connected on twitter, facebook, google+ and your blog is all set to go.  Yet it stays empty because its so hard to come up with new content.   You just don’t have time, and so your blog, and all of the downstream media like twitter and facebook, just languish.

What about Content Curation?

After reading some articles on content curation, you think that this is a great way to start providing some content to your community.  Yet even content curation can take a lot of time and effort to do it well.  To be effective, you need to be searching through 10,20 maybe even 100 articles per day to find new and interesting content.  How many of you have a job description that says you should spend hours per day reading the web, twitter and blogs?  You could use a personal assistant to help read through the fire hose of articles that come from your Google alerts, blogs, twitter feeds and news feeds – but those days are long gone.

Jump-start your  Curation Process

MyCurator provides some powerful tools to jump-start your curation efforts.  To get over the hurdle of content discovery, MyCurator has machine learning software built in.  Just like a spam filter, you can train its AI software to read through all of your alerts, feeds and blogs and weed out those that are not what you are looking for.  To have a ‘personal assistant’ reading through all of your feeds throughout the day, and highlighting the best content it finds for you is a huge time saver.

In fact, it can make it hard to even procrastinate on your curation efforts.  Its so easy to look through a few articles each day, decide if there is anything important or unique and then go ahead and introduce it to your clients or community.  Because MyCurator can read through even 100’s of articles per day, it can uncover all sorts of unique, interesting and insightful articles each day.  It’s inspirational to find some real gems in your private training page when you sit down to make some posts.  Training is easy, just look through the articles and press  if its good or  if not.

Curate the Right Way

The next step is creating a post for your blog.  You’ll want to introduce the article, maybe add some opinions or insights, gather some quotes from the article, and add some images to your new post.  Most importantly, you need to provide the attribution back to the original post inside your new post.  Again, doing this a few times a day or week can take time, especially if you are trying to cut and paste between your blog editor and the article on a website.

With MyCurator, the article is already in your blog.  The full text and all of the images have been extracted from the web page and are available right in the WordPress post editor.  A simple post has already been created, with an attribution link to the original articles’ web page.  All you have to do is add your magic, filling in the post with snippets from the article, some images and your insights – Press publish and you are done!

Building Authority with Curation

After curating content for a while, you’ll find that it is becoming easier to start writing some of your own content.  The inspiration of reading some of the best writing from the web each day, and reviewing some of the great insights and ideas, start to get your own creativity going.  Throwing in a few of your own posts along with the stream of curated content will really start to build interest, and some SEO strength, for your blog.  That is when the power of curation can build your authority with your clients and community, leading to better customer engagement.