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Google stops RSS Delivery of Alerts – Move to

Google shut off RSS delivery of Google Alerts today, with a simple message embedded in your Alerts feed.  I guess without Google Reader, they felt no need to keep the RSS version of alerts.

You can transition all of your alerts to  The service looks exactly like Google Alerts.  We have been testing it and it does deliver a lot of content.  The content can be less targeted, but the training features of MyCurator can help with that.

When you create your first alert using the Create Alert button at the top of the page, you enter an email for delivery.  This sets up your account.  You will receive an email to confirm your account, and it contains your new password.  After confirming, you can choose Settings from the drop down in the upper right (your email) and change your password.

From the Manage Alerts screen, you will see an RSS symbol on the left, next to the Checkbox.  Right click on that and you can copy then paste the Source into the Source Quick Add screen of MyCurator.  Our newest release, out in a day or two, will allow our Source It tool to capture this feed.

You can also import all of your Google Alerts.  Go to Manage Alerts on your Google Alerts account.  Choose export alerts in the bottom right and save the resulting export file.  Now go to your Talkwalker account and choose the Import menu item at the top.  Choose your exported file and they are imported.  You will need to add each alert to your Sources as described above.

Finally, since you are reading your Talkwalker alerts through feeds to MyCurator, you can choose the “Turn off email delivery” button below your alerts list in the Manage Alerts page.

If anyone has come across some other Alerts alternatives, please tell is in the comments or Contact us and we will test it out and add it to our Source It tool.