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High Volume Content Curation with MyCurator

I’m sure you’ve noticed that more and more content is appearing in your Training Posts if you have any broad alerts, searches or news feed type of Sources.  It can seem overwhelming to work through it each week.  Some of our high volume clients using MyCurator process 100’s of articles per day!

The key is that they use our Training Posts tools to manage the content. You can filter by Topic and then sort by newest date or oldest date first. You can also filter by Topic and Relevance (good, bad, not sure). Our bulk curation tools let you choose many items and delete or train or post all at once. You can also change the number of articles shown in the Training Posts page – I’ve found that 50 is a good amount for me.  Change this in Options in the Format tab – “# of Articles shown on Training Page”.

A typical work process for our high volume customers is to filter by a Topic and only good articles (you can sort by oldest first to work from the bottom of the list). Work through them, making good ones live and bulk training them where needed.  Finally bulk delete what is left on the page when done with it before going to the next page of content.  Then on to the next Topic and only good articles.  Do this once or twice a day. Some of our professional news sites do this throughout the day.  About once a week they will filter by Topic and then the bad and not sure articles, quickly scanning for anything good and then bulk deleting the whole page.

Most of our upgrade efforts will be focused on the Training Posts through to editing as that is the key workflow of our clients.

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