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How Business Can Use Education As A Marketing tool

The internet has democratized education and businesses should take notice.  You are in business because you have some area of expertise.  Sharing your expertise is a way to help you build your brand and provide value. By using a […]

This is an old post that resurfaced, probably on Twitter.  I found it really expanded my horizons of the type of content you can use to reach an audience about your product or brand.  The article has several great lines that summarize a different way to look at how education should be part of your content marketing.

I think content curation can also be used in this approach.  Lets say you have an eCommerce site that sells some home improvement products.  You might want to put together a course on how to install on of your more complex products.  Instead of writing it all, you could curate various posts and videos about specific steps or techniques that are required as part of the preparation or installation.  You edit these articles into a step by step course, filling in the blanks and tying it all together.  You could now offer this as a ‘free bonus course’ for purchasers of your products.  Hosting the content on your blog as a series of posts or a dedicated page would also help you boost your SEO.

Having a blog allows you to teach.  When your blog answers the questions that people have about your product, it establishes your authority, helps gain the trust of your audience and is great for SEO.  When you answer the questions that people have about your product; when you address the issues that concern people who use your product; when you discuss the ways in which your product helps make peoples’ lives better, you are answering the questions that they type into the Google search box.