Content Curation

How to Curate Content Like a Pro

A flip side of the social media revolution is that now anyone can be a publisher. This means that you need to compete with all kinds of bloggers, online media, Twitter and other social network chatter to get your content and postings noticed. It is a harsh reality, one that puts pressure on social marketing teams to be on top of their games. Content curation can help. it is the practice of using OPC (other people’s content) to generate […]

Some of the biggest media sites are based on content curation – names such as Upworthy, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Brain Pickings and Techmeme.  Your goal may never be to become a big media site using curation, but there are things to learn from them.

This article reviews each of these sites and pulls out the keys to their success.  You don’t have to be VC funded to use some of their techniques.  For instance, spending a lot of time on headlines for your curated content could be a great way to boost the reading and sharing of your content.  Similarly, finding ways to add images and illustration or video could also move you above your own competitors in your niche.  Read the article and see if there are some ideas you should add to your curation.

Having said that, the sites below have all been tremendously successful in leveraging third party content, optimizing it, adding value, and building audience. They range from the famous to the obscure. There are some common threads, yet each has a different formula.