How To

Identifying Feeds for MyCurator Sources

Our Source It tool can usually find a feed if one is available.  In some cases though, all of the feeds for a site are presented in a single web page.   For instance, TechCrunch has a page with all of their feeds here:  The Source It tool won’t work on this page – it will only capture the first feed it finds, and you can’t choose which one you want from the tool.

In this case, you will want to use the Source Quick Add page from the MyCurator menu.  Your first step is to capture the RSS Feed URL of the feed you want.  Lets say you want the Mobile/MobileCrunch feed.  You have two options:

  1. Right click on the feed name, which is a link, and in many browsers you will be offered an option to Copy Link Address.  Choose that and you now have a copy of the feed URL.
  2. If right click doesn’t work, just click on the feed link.  This will bring up a new tab in your browser.  The page may have some formatting and be readable, or it may just look like a bunch of computer code, depending on your browser.  Go the the address bar of your browser and copy the URL.

Now you have a feed URL stored in your copy buffer.  Choose the Source Quick Add menu option in the MyCurator menu.  In this page you need to fill in the following:

  1. Feed Name: Enter a name for this feed – in this case TechCrunch Mobile.
  2. Feed URL: Paste the feed URL from your copy buffer into this field.
  3. Choose a Link Category for the feed from the drop down or:
  4. Enter a new Link Category to be used for this feed.

Press submit and you’ve saved the feed as a Source.  If you created a new Link Category, you’ll want to go to the Topic that will use this Source and add the new Link Category to your list of Sources.