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I’m Seeing a lot of Old Posts Found by MyCurator

I’ve noticed a lot of old articles keep reappearing in my training posts. Have authors started republishing their posts over and over again? Maybe curators are grabbing them and republishing the whole thing?

It turns out the culprit is twitter. If you are using a twitter search as a feed, you will run into this problem.

What happens is that writers are periodically retweeting some of their best older content, or others are finding it for the first time (weeks or months later) and tweeting it out. Either way older articles keep reappearing.

Fortunately MyCurator has a way to minimize the reappearance of these articles. Normally MyCurator keeps track of articles it’s seen for 7 days. You can increase this to 90 days using the Option “Lookback Days” in the Admin tab.

When you change this option, you’ll get a flurry of older articles as MyCurator will also read articles up to 90 days old in your feeds. As the days pass though, you’ll notice fewer and fewer old and repetitive articles in your Training Posts.