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Why so many Twitter Errors in my Error Log?

With MyCurator you can discover content from Twitter searches as well as following a specific user’s Twitter stream.  MyCurator looks at each tweet for a link to an article or blog post.  It then grabs that article for your training posts.  If you look at your Error Log in the MyCurator Logs menu item, you may see one or more errors with the message “Could Not Resolve Twitter Link”.  What does that mean?

These twitter errors happen when the link embedded in a tweet doesn’t point to a website that we can access. It could be a bad link, a website that is down or one that needs a password. You can test this by right-clicking on the twitter link in the Error log and opening it in a new tab. Usually you’ll see a twitter error message or a page not found message.

Another thing you’ll notice is that it is usually the same twitter link appearing in the log repeatedly. This is because MyCurator retries the link several times if it stays in the search or follow tweet stream you have put in Sources. Sometimes the link starts working, especially if the website was just slow or down for some reason.   Then MyCurator can resolve it when its back up and the error will stop appearing in the Error Log.

If you have some errors that keep appearing but when you right click on them they seem to work, please send them along and we’ll check for any problems with the software. Also send the search keywords or username that the tweet was a part of (you can see the name in the Sources field in the log).