How To

Multiple Author Content Curation with MyCurator

If you have a larger media or publishing site, chances are you have many authors who may be curating information.  You may have multiple categories on your blog, with a specific author responsible for each category.  Another possibility is that you are sharing author and editorial duties across many people, and using a plugin like Edit Flow to manage the process.  MyCurator can support these and other scenarios with its multiple author curation features.

 Assigning Responsibility

With MyCurator you can assign a responsible author, editor or admin for each Topic.  Since a Topic is equivalent to a WordPress category, this means you can have an individual responsible for a specific Category on your site that will receive curated content.  You assign the owner using the “User for MyCurator Posts” drop down on the Topics page.

If you don’t assign an owner for a Topic, then the owner will default to the user you have assigned in the “User for MyCurator Posts” drop down on the Admin tab of the Options page.   You can only assign users with the role of Editor or Administrator to this default drop down.  If no user is specifically assigned, the 1st Admin user will be the default owner.

Authors vs Editors

Each user has a role, and MyCurator provides different capabilities for the Author vs the Editor (or Admin) role.  The Author role can only curate articles for Topics to which they are assigned.  If they are not assigned to the Topic, they can only view the articles in the Training Post admin or the Training Page.

Editors will be able to curate content for any Topic, even if they aren’t assigned to the Topic.

If you are organized to assign responsibility to users by Category/Topic, then roles of Author are appropriate and could be used for each owner of a Topic.  You could also have one or more Editors that oversee and work with all of the Authors, helping with curation from any Topic as needed.

If you will be sharing responsibility for all curated articles, with no set division by Category/Topic, then you should assign roles of Editor to the users who will be involved.  The editors will be able to review all of the content and curate that which they like, irrespective of the owner of the Topic.

Finally, with multiple users, you will want to use the Training Posts list format in the Dashboard Menu, rather than the Training Page. Each user can select just their posts using the Filters at the top of this page. Again, those with Author permission can see other articles, but can only curate those where they are the assigned user.