MyCurator Now Free for Individuals and Bloggers!

MyCurator is now Free for individuals, bloggers and non-profits!  MyCurator is also now available on the plugin repository at   You can have MyCurator read through over 30 articles per day, finding just those that you have trained it to like.  If you are a business or are using your site to promote a product or service, our Business Plan has been lowered to an affordable $20 per month!  With a business plan you can have MyCurator read through over 150 articles per day.

MyCurator is the first WordPress plugin that automates the crucial first step of content curation – finding interesting and insightful content that is meaningful to your community or clients.  By saving you hours every day in searching for new content, MyCurator lets you focus on the most important aspects of content curation, providing your ideas, opinions and insights to your readers!