MyCurator Plugin Version 1.3.1 Update

This update provides several new features as well as some fixes and updates to existing features.

Twitter Content Curation and MyCurator

The new version 1.3.1 allows you to follow a twitter account.  Just like a twitter search, MyCurator will not post the actual tweets, it will search each tweet from the user account and look for an article link.  If it finds one, it will attempt to capture the article and post it to your training page.

To use this feature, choose the News or Twitter menu item.  Note: this item has moved to the MyCurator menu and is not in the Links menu anymore.  In the “Feed Keywords” field, enter a single account you wish to follow, with the @ sign.  For example you could enter @tgtinfo to follow our twitter feed.

MyCurator Menu Items Moved

The menu items News or Twitter and Source Quick Add have been moved to the main MyCurator menu, appearing under the Get It & Source It menu item.  They are no longer available in the Links menu.

Reset Logs after MyCurator Topic and Format changes

After making significant changes to your MyCurator Topics or the Formatting or Curation Options, you may wish to have MyCurator review and re-post the articles it previously found.  MyCurator will apply your new keywords or new formatting options as it reviews all articles.  This is most helpful when you are initially setting up MyCurator and trying various Topic keywords and article formats.

To reset the log, choose Logs from the MyCurator menu.  Click the Reset Logs button near the top of the page.  You will be prompted to confirm that you wish to continue.

WARNING: This option will most likely create many duplicate entries in your training page if you have previous articles still in the page!  It is best to clear out all of your Training posts before you choose this option to Reset Logs.

MyCurator looks backwards in time for articles in RSS feeds.  The default is 7 days.  You can now change this look back period in the Admin Options tab.  This option really only affects MyCurator when you first install it, or after you reset the logs.  After that, previously read articles are marked and ignored, so only new articles in the RSS feed are reviewed by MyCurator as you move forward.