MyCurator Version 1.1.1 Released

MyCurator version 1.1.1 contains some changes to support languages as well as some basic fixes.  Two new option fields have been added to the Options menu under the heading International Settings at the bottom.  These options allow you to change the text in the links to the original article page or the saved, readable page that MyCurator creates.  You can change the text to match the language of your blog, so that article excerpts and the link language are the same.  You can also change them to any wording you would rather use in English.

With this change and a fix to handle language characters in the excerpt created by MyCurator, it will now work with languages supported by UTF-8 encoding, the same as used by WordPress.

Some other changes include:

  1. You can choose to Not have MyCurator save its article snippet in the post excerpt field.  If your theme uses the_excerpt to display posts on a page, this can sometimes cause posts not to display any manually entered information on the post.  By choosing this option, your theme will create an excerpt from the first 55 words of a post generated by MyCurator.
  2. A fix to strip spaces from before and after the API Key entered on the options page, which was causing some users to receive an Invalid Token error.
  3. You now have the ability to delete any topic, no matter the status, from the Remove option.
  4. Topic names are now checked for characters that can cause problems, such as & and ?.