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The Post Train
The Post Train (Photo credit: bbusschots)

The focus of version 1.3.0 is on making the training page much faster and more responsive for even easier curation.  We added Ajax technology, which allows much of the work to happen in your browser.  This makes training, posting and deleting items much faster because we don’t need to ‘refresh’ the page from the server.  We’ve also added new [Make Draft] and [Quick] tags.  Finally, all of the functionality of the training page, as well as Bulk Curation options are now available in the Admin section in the Training Posts menu item.

All of the standard training tags of thumbs_up trash_icon thumbs_down [Make Live] and [Multi] work as before.  They just work faster and with relevant feedback right on the page.  For instance when a post is removed from the training page it turns red and then shrinks until it is gone.  You can then move on to the next article without waiting for the page to refresh.

New [Make Draft] Tag

If you do NOT check the option to “Edit Post when Made Live”, then you will see a new [Make Draft] tag on your training page.  This tag will move the article from the training page to a regular post – with a status of Draft.  If the option “Make Post Date ‘Immediately’ when Made Live” is checked, the draft will have a date/time of “Immediately” just as if it had been newly created.  If that option is not checked, the draft will have a date/time of when the article was first found by MyCurator.

If you are doing a lot of curation, clear the Edit when Made Live option and use the new [Make Draft] tag to quickly add posts to your draft ‘queue’.  This option does not show up if you are editing each post as it is made live, which already places the article in Draft status when you choose the [Make Live] tag.

New [Quick] Tag

The new [Quick] tag displays a pop-up window where you can change the title, the excerpt, add some notes/comments and then Publish or make a Draft of the article.  Below the buttons is the complete readable page of the article as captured from the website.  You can easily cut and paste new quotes or sections into the excerpt field before you post the article.  Its also a quick way to review the article since you don’t have to open a new tab or window.

The Note/Comment field will be placed as a paragraph in front of the Excerpt field.  The format of the Excerpt field will be based on whether you have set the Format Option “Do Not Use Blockquotes on Excerpt”.  The formatting of fields using the Quick popup is limited.  The Notes and Excerpt fields can only be a single paragraph – line breaks, html and spacing will be stripped.  If you need more formatting, post as a draft and use the WordPress editor to format the post before publishing.

Admin Curation – Training Posts menu

The Training Posts menu item has been completely updated with this version.  When you arrive at this page, all fields that you normally find on the training page are available, including images and video (in  a popup).  As you hover over the title of each item, the standard training tags appear.  These work just like on the training page.  If you click on an image, or a “Click for Video” link a popup will appear with the full image or video.  If you click the title of the article, a popup will appear with the readable page of text extracted from the web site.

You can sort and filter the training posts just like other admin list tables.  You can also set how many posts appear by choosing the Screen Options in the upper right and setting the number of posts.

You can now do all of your curation from the Training Posts admin menu, giving you two options.  Some may find the table format of the admin section better, others may like the training page with its ‘blog format’.

Bulk Curation  – Training Posts menu

The new Training Posts menu item also has an expanded capability for bulk curation.  You can work with a group of posts and perform all of the standard options, such as training good or bad, moving them to trash, make live, make draft or set as Multi.  Just like any of the admin list tables, just check the posts that you wish to work with.  If you click the checkbox in the header, all of the posts will be selected.  Then just choose your operation from the Bulk Actions drop down and press Apply.

Some examples for bulk curation are:

  1. Filter the list to just ‘bad’ items, click the header checkbox and Move to Trash – you’ve now removed all of the articles classified as bad.  If you have a lot, you can set the screen options as noted above to a higher number to remove more at once.
  2. As you read through your training posts, check those that you like.  When you’ve worked through the page, choose Make Live or Make Draft to move them to the appropriate status on your live blog all at once.
  3. Filter the list to a specific Topic and not sure, click on the items that should be classified as ‘bad’, then choose the train bad action and Apply.  The selected posts will be used for training, then removed from the table.
  4. Change the Author by clicking on one or more training posts, choosing Change Author then changing the Author drop down to the new Author and Save.

Important Formatting Notes

Refreshing the Training Page or Training Posts Admin

As you work through your training items, and they are removed from the page (deleted, bad, made live or draft) the number of items on your Training Page or admin Training Posts table will shrink.  No new items will be automatically added.  When you are ready, just refresh your page and a new set of items will be added to whatever is left, up to the limit you set in your # of Articles options (Training Page) or Screen Options (Training Post admin).

Page Formatting gets Messed Up

Once in a while you may find that the Training Page or admin Training Posts table all of a sudden has a formatting problem.  This is because we are saving the extracted web page text (but hidden) directly into the page for speed.  Sometimes though there is some badly formed HTML in the extracted text, and this causes the page to lose its format.

Normally you can identify which post the formatting problem starts with. If the problem includes the title, the previous article is most likely the problem. If the bad format starts after the title, that article has the problem. You can make the article live or draft if you like it, or delete it. Refresh the page and your formatting should return.

If you can’t identify the problem article, or you just want to turn off the use of the readable page popup, you can change an option to turn it off.  Go to the Curation Options tab for MyCurator.  Check the option “Do NOT show readable page in Training Popups”.  Now when you return to your Training Page or admin Training Posts table, your formatting should be just fine.  The Quick tag will not have the saved web page text any more.  When you click on a post title, you will get a new browser tab with the readable page extracted from the text rather than a popup.

You can turn off this message by checking a New Option – “Remove Formatting Help” in the Admin tab in the MyCurator Options menu.

New Option to Not Display Training Tags for Admins on Live Site

If you are not training articles from the live site, especially if you manually curate all posts or don’t even use the training features, you can now suppress the Training Tags that logged in users (Editor and Above) see on the live site.  Just click on the Option “Do Not Show Training Tags on Live Site for Admins” in the Format tab of the Options page.

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