MyCurator Version 1.3.2 Upgrade for Multi-Author Curation

In this upgrade of MyCurator, we have focused on providing multi-author support for your curated articles.  The key change is that you can now set an author for each Topic using the dropdown titled “User for MyCurator Posts” on the Topic page.  This user will be the author for each article posted to the Training section by MyCurator.  If you don’t choose an author  for a Topic, MyCurator will use the default author you have set in the Admin tab of the Options page.

The role of the user you set for a Topic may be Author, Editor or Admin.  If the user you set has the Author role, then when that user is logged in and reviewing the Training Page or Training Posts admin  they can only work with the articles where they are the assigned author.   Only Editor or Admin roles can work with any article.

We have also updated the permissions for MyCurator menu items in this release.  Each  logged in user is limited to the following functions based on their WordPress Role:

  • Administrator can perform every task and menu item in MyCurator
  • Editor can add sources using Source It or Source Quick add.  They can only view Topics, they can’t make changes or add new Topics.  They can only view Options.  They can use the Get It tool.
  • Author  can only use the Get It tool.  They will not see any other menu items in the MyCurator menus.  They can only train, post or delete articles from the training page where they are the author.
  • Contributor and Subscriber can not use MyCurator at all and will not see the MyCurator menu items.

Other items released in this upgrade include:

  • An author filter has been added to the Training Posts admin.
  • You can Exclude an article if it has no image by setting the checkbox titled “Exclude if no Image” on the Topics page.  You can have a different value for each Topic.
  • If the featured or embedded image found by MyCurator has an alt text, that is used for the title in the media library and the alt text for the image in the post.
  • For  Video  Topics, if the embedded video is from YouTube, the display of related videos will be suppressed when the video ends.
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